About Preferred Realty

A brief overview of Preferred Realty

Preferred Realty Co. Ltd was registered under the Companies Act in January 1978; however, it began major operations in late 1985, with Sale of Properties as its major focus. Other areas of activities include Property Management, Rentals, Leases

With the advent of the Real Estate Board in the late 1980s, this company received its license without any delay and has maintained same. A copy of our certificate indicating our scope of operation is enclosed..

From 1985 to present, our acceptance with financial institutions has steadily grown. At present we are approve by the Central Bank and is on the appraisal panels of all major financial institutions as indicated by the list enclosed.

Our goal is to provide excellent service to our clients at reasonable costs and our reputation of excellent service, honesty, integrity and efficiency attests to this.

Preferred Realty Co. Ltd is a small company and its regular staff complement has the capacity to meet all your Real Estate needs.

Fifteen (15) years ago we computerized our Sales process, which is used by all staff members. Our systems are supported and maintained by our IT consultants who work closely with us to satisfy all our clients needs. The Company has a stable financial and credit record.